Root Canals

What are Root Canals?

A root canal is a procedure that involves completely removing the inner pulp of a tooth. If the pulp, or nerve, of the tooth becomes decayed or infected otherwise, it will need to be removed. Most often, a tooth that requires a root canal will be painful and sensitive to both hot and cold liquids. The procedure is one of the most common dental treatment performed worldwide.

Why are Root Canals needed?

Most often a root canal is needed because a tooth has become severely decayed. If the decay has been able to reach the pulp, the pulp needs to be removed completely. Another reason you may need a root canal is because of an infection or abscess, or because a tooth has broken or cracked to the point of exposing the pulp. Regardless of why the root canal is needed, we can provide you with this treatment in a calm and comfortable manner.

Who is a candidate for a Root Canal?

With the help of an exam and series of x-rays we can determine if you might need a root canal. If you require a root canal, it is best to have the procedure done as soon as possible. This prevents the pain and infection from getting worse and helps in preserving the tooth’s structure. In rare cases, root canal re-treatment is necessary if the initial root canal has failed.

What happens during a Root Canal?

We first administer a local anesthetic to the area. A rubber dental dam is used to isolate the tooth and prevent bacteria and saliva from getting into the canals of the tooth. We then remove all decay from the tooth as well as the pulp itself. The canals are carefully cleaned and reshaped before a medicated filling material is used to fill the canals. Once this is done, we will place a filling in the tooth and cure it with a bright light. Root canals are easily done in our office at your own convenience.

If you think you might need a root canal, call our office today and we can get you in for an appointment.