Endo Microscope

What is an Endo Microscope?

What we can see with the naked eye isn’t always efficient enough when it comes to dentistry and endodontic care. When dealing with thin, curved and multiple root canals, it’s important to be able to see everything completely clearly to provide you with superior care. This is why we use an endodontic microscope in our practice for all procedures and treatments. This microscope allows us to see up to 25 times what we’d see with the naked eye.

Why is an Endo Microscope needed?

This microscope is helpful in seeing the tooth in high-definition detail. The magnification is so superior that we are able to work on even difficult cases. Some of the reasons we’d need to use this microscope include:

  • Tiny, thin canals of a tooth needing treatment
  • Finding and retrieving broken instruments
  • Locating hidden canals within the tooth
  • Preserving more healthy tooth structure
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Who is a candidate for an Endo Microscope?

Every one of the patients coming into our office is a good candidate for the endodontic microscope. This microscope allows us to see what we wouldn’t be able to identify or spot with our own eyes. We will often use this microscope during routine and complicated procedures, including surgeries and root canal re-treatment. Even for a typical root canal, the microscope can come in handy to ensure that the entire tooth has been treated.

What happens during an appointment where an Endo Microscope is used?

We will sit you comfortably in our chair before your appointment begins. We then use the microscope to identify problems and begin the treatment that is needed. This microscope is thin and does not cause pain or damage to the tooth. It is helpful in allowing us to provide you with the treatment that is necessary. We often use this microscope at most of your appointments because it allows us to provide you with the care that you require.

If you would like to learn more about the technology involved in our endodontic microscope, call us today and we can help to answer all of your questions.