Meet the Doctor

medina min new

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr Medina has become a highly trained Endodontist working in the Chicago area.  She received her B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics at Boston University in 1996.  She discovered an interest in dentistry and went on to receive her Masters degree in 2002 at the Harvard School of Public Health and her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.  Dr Medina continued her training in endodontics and received her certificate in 2006. 

Along the way, she has provided her assistance with tutoring as well as being a teaching assistant and clinical instructor throughout the years.


Dr Medina is a very caring and careful Endodontist who loves what she does.  When she isn’t in the office, or having her articles published, she is enjoying time with her husband and their son.  Dr Medina is a dog lover and has two precious pups, so she fits in here perfectly.