3D Radiographs

What are 3D Radiographs?

3D radiographs, which are often referred to as cone beam x-rays, use special equipment that allows us to see more than a typical x-ray. CBCT scans give us an in-depth view of the underlying bone, soft tissue and nerve pathways in and around the mouth. These scans are often needed prior to more complex procedures, like oral surgeries. The scan uses minimal amounts of radiation and are safe for most patients.

Why are 3D Radiographs needed?

A cone beam x-ray is often needed before surgery or to diagnose specific intra-oral conditions. The scan can be used to help in dental implant placement as well as when emergencies occur. This type of x-ray is important because it gives us the chance to see what a typical x-ray would not highlight. The scan can be used on patients of all ages and takes just minutes in our office.

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Who is a candidate for 3D Radiographs?

We will go over your health and medical history prior to the 3D radiograph being taken. We will instruct you to remove any piercings or metal hair clips before the scan can be taken. The scan itself is easy and quick, and most patients find that it is easier than regular dental x-rays. We may request a new cone beam x-ray at each future appointment as they are needed because of changes to your oral health.

What can you expect when having 3D Radiographs taken?

We will bring you into a specially designated room with a large machine. We then wrap a lead apron over your shoulders to protect you from the radiation being used. You will rest your chin on a small bar while the machine circles your head. While it circles, it’s taking an image that allows us to see what’s going on inside and outside your mouth as well as around the jaw area. The image is available immediately after the scan is complete and you’ll be taken to the examination room for further treatment.

If you think you might benefit from a 3D radiograph, call our office today and we will be able to get you in for an appointment at your earliest convenience.